12 & 15-Inch Single-Motor Upright Vacuums

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The Pacer 12/15 UE upright was designed to deliver value to your facility maintenance program on every conceivable level.

  • Performance – A 1.7 HP vacuum motor and 3-stage HEPA ltration l Proper Ergonomics – Adjustable handle height, ergonomic grip, transport handle and foam grip high up cleaning tube
  • Intuitive Use – All the important touch points are colored green and the patented WAVE-LOK® lter bag and alignment mechanism assures the lter bag is securely installed every time.
  • IAQ Compliance – CRI Seal of Approval, gold rating. Meets all requirements of the LEED-EBOM standard.
  • Ease of Maintenance - No tools required to replace brush or cord. Full bag indicator light. Thermally protected motor. Mechanical clutch protects brush and belt, if jammed. Patented WAVE-LOK® lter bag and alignment mechanism allows for easy bag removal, even if over lled.
  • Versatility – Low pro le for easy vacuuming underneath furniture and xtures. Extension wand reaches over 10’ above the oor. 3” round brush and 10” crevice tool with onboard storage.

With the numbers referencing the displayed picture:

1. Enclosed handle allows for a relaxed grip during operation.

2. Built-in extension hose and wand make above-the- oor cleaning a snap.

3. Patented WAVE-LOK® ensures secure bag installation every time. WAVE-LOK also ensures easy bag removal, even if over lled.

4. Brush adjustment dial on the base allows for instant carpet pile adjustments.

5. Chevron-style brush is built for tough commercial use, and is easily removed for replacement.

6. Shock-absorbing wheels keep the vacuum quiet on rough surfaces.

7. The handle is adjustable for different height operators.

8. “Pig tail” type cord connection makes changing power cord easy.

9. A mechanical clutch protects the drive belt from breaking if the brush gets jammed.